It's not as easy as you would think!  The planning, the plotting, the secrets and the execution.  Not to mention trying to possibly get friends & family to the location without any buzz on social media.  

Four words that change the rest of your life and that one answer you need...Yes!   Make it perfect. we can help.  Whether it's intimate and private or an over the top crowd gathering moment, our unique ideas will tell your story.  We've got this covered - it will be a fairy tale! 

Serving NYC / Miami and available worldwide

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IDEA ENGINEERING Proposal Planning

  • Let our master minds create the ideas!  You plan the rest.  Based on you and your story, we will create a unique proposal concept.  Includes everything to get “ready”.   One concept for $425, or a package of multiple unique ideas for $750.


FULL SERVICE Proposal Planning

  • We will run the show and the entire process.  After learning more about you, let our team take care of the rest… we got this!  Packages starting at $1499 



We must chat! Lets have a Q&A session so that we can learn more about you, your love and things you must have at your proposal.  After that we will give you our ideas, you approve your custom designed proposal and we hand over the diagrams, secrets and map to make it the perfect moment. 



Time to design the details and pick who we are working with for your proposal.  Flowers, music, exotic locations, personalized presents, and more. 



Our team has this all covered.  We will make sure all you need to do is show up and remember your lines “ Will you marry me?”